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Automatic Alu Alu Pvc Alu Blister Packing Machine For Pharma Field

Applying: This machine is suitable for pharmacy, medical machinery, foodstuff, electric, hardware industry’s capsule, tablet, syringe, ampoule, medical apparatus, food, electric appliance,hardware etc blister package.this machine with paste feeder it is special for packing red worm shrimp etc in...

Product Details


This blister packing machine is the latest and high automation product designed for middle and small sized pharmacy factory, healthcare factory and preparation-room of hospital, This blister packing machine is adopted with PLC, frequency converter and touch screen operation. It can automatically finish the processed of feeding, forming, heat-sealing, pressing, batch number printing, punching and so on. It is the ideal packing equipment for packing capsule pill liquid honey chocolate etc pharma factory food factory


  1. The machine body adopt guide track structure instead of housing window localization. Moulds such as forming, heat seal, punch can be adjusted willingly on the guide track, suitable for different size plates, easy adjust, good adaptability, high accuracy.

  2. Mechanism hands for traction, stroke adjustable, easy operation, stable running.

  3. With parallelaxes bevel gears reducer, avoid loosen or slippage caused by chain or belt.

  4. Mould location by pin, easy change mould.

  5. Frequency converter speed change, punch frequency 6—35 adjustable

  6. Adjustable operation panel, suitable for different plates, easy operation.

  7. Can equip with PLC, human-machine interface, high automization,photoelectronic,registration, localize heat seal, automatic error compensation.

  8. Aluminum foil reel adopt stable device, canceled the affection of pull force change with the ALU foil reel gradually diminish, thus it made a great role in synchronization.

  9. The up and low moulds for heat seal mate each other completely, with multi level cylinder,compressing heat sealing, the net pattern show clearly, firm, and reach 100% seal.




Punch Frequency(Times/min)


Max. Production Capacity(Blister/h)

20000-110000(According to the standard plate 80×57mm)


380V/220V   50Hz

Main Motor Power (kw)


Packing Materials(mm)

PVC 0.25-0.50*80  PTPTALU 0.02-0.035*80

Maximum Diameter of Packing Material(mm)

PVC Φ400mm  PTP Φ280mm    

Maximum Forming Area(mm)


Travel Range of Forming Traction(mm)


Water Consumption (L/Min)


Gas Consumption (L/Min)


Overall Dimension(mm)








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