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Automatic Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

Applying: The machine is designed and further improved on the base of original full automatic capsule filling machine from both home and aboard. With high technology and exclusive performance,It is used for filling the powder,pallet,liquid oil into the empty capsule

Product Details


- Touch-Screen, PLC program control panel with LCD.

- Removable powder hopper for cleaning and easy auger adjustment easy to change fills weights.

- Fully enclosed rotary table and dosage station for integration of the whole capsule filling plants. 

- Available to reduce the dust on the surface of the bench.

- This machine adds the inching control system, convenient for the human-oriented operation in manufacturing and cleaning process.




Filling Dosage

Powder, Pellets, Tablet

Capsule Size

Capsule size 000#-5# and safety capsule A-E

Max Output (capsules/hour)



380V 50Hz 3KW

Noise Index


Overall Dimension (mm)


Weight (kg)



It adopts multi-bore dosing, intermittent motion and frequency control. It is suitable for automatically completing capsule feeding, separating, filling, (waste capsule rejecting), closing, finished product ejecting for powder or micro pill medicine in capsule.


We have made this machine for more than 15 years, compare the Bosch capsule filling machine,our price is only 1/3 of Bosch capsule filling machine, but the quality only different a little.

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