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Capsule Filling Machine With Touhch Screen Operation

Applying: Our capsule filling machine is mainly export to USA,we have disctributor and one egineer in USA also. We can offer you the techinical support in time. Our machine is the second generation,the structure is similar with the Bosch capsule filling machine, Our machine quality is very good...

Product Details


This machine is for filling the powder or pallet into the capsule

With a high speed can dividing mechanism adopt , the operation of capsule distribution and separation, faulty capsules removal, medicine filling, capsule locking and its output as mold cleaning can be performed automatically. By computer control, operation is made easy and visual with speed adjustment counting and failures shown on a screen. With a porous ram-squeezing medicine filling device provided, dosing is veracious. Owing to the special mold design, the machine is well adaptable to capsules and high operation rate . Equipped with complete safety and protection devices, operation is steady and credible.








Machine suitable for:

capsule Size #00 to 5

Power supply:

220v/380v 50Hz three phase

(it can be changed depend on your requirement)

Power consume:


Quantity of mould bores:


Noise standard:




Overall dimension:


Why choose our capsule filling machine? We have made this machine for more than 15 years,our capsule filling machine quality and precision has reached the international first grade level,compare the Bosch capsule filling machine,our price is only 1/3 of Bosch capsule filling machine,but the quality only different a little.


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